Friday 13 November 2015

New Christmas items and glazed doughnuts!

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner! But the good news is that we are listing our new Christmas items today so you can order your special sweeties in time for the holidays. The shop will be closed from tomorrow and re-opening on the 26th of November. We won't be able to make any commissions when the shop is closed but you can still submit an order and get an estimate. All commissions will be completed when we re-open and priority will be given to Christmas orders.  
Toy Train Cake with Gingerbread House, 3D Christmas Cookie Trees and Candy Cane Trees
So our first new Christmas item is this dinky little Toy Train cake! It comes with 5 carriages that will carry different sweets. Other cute details include chocolate cookie wheels on each carriage and train. The cake is also small enough to fit a 1/12 scene (looks small beside our 1/6 scale Gingerbread House). 

As usual, everything is bespoke so you can choose the colour of your carriage and train. Find this and all of our other Christmas food in the Seasonal menu

Cake 'carriages' with mini candy canes, rainbow sweets, popcorn, fudge, mini marshmallows
Toy Train cake in Christmassy colous, chocolate cookie wheels and gold accents
Our next new item for Christmas is Stollen from Germany. It's a very stodgy loaf cake with plenty of raisins / candied fruit. The outside is dusted with powdered sugar and we already cut 3 slices out for you!
Littlest Sweet Shop Stollen has multi-coloured raisins inside!
Our last new item for November are 3 new doughnut varieties. I went back to basics and created some minimalist doughnuts that look so scrumptious! New doughnuts are now available in the Bakery menu.

Mmmmmmmmmm........doughnuts with coffee

The glossy-ness of the icing looks so sweet and sticky. 
Not the usual ring shaped doughnuts, but still delightful
Our first new doughnut is the famous Maple bar. It is a long doughnut with a maple glaze. Bacon maple bar available upon request.
Maple Bar
I do love twisty doughnuts as they look so pretty! This classic version is also glazed in sugar. 
Glazed Twist doughnut
The last doughnut for the day is the standard Glazed doughnut that you can find in most doughnut shops. Therefore it would be weird if we didn't offer them, right?
Littlest Sweet Shop's Glazed doughnut
I hope that our new arrivals have made you crave doughnuts with coffee! That's all folks.