Friday 7 November 2014

New in - Super Kawaii Doubutsu Doonatsu and other new products

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I present to you our most super kawaii product available now in the Bakery menu:

Stacks of Doubutsu Doonatsu AKA Animal Doughnuts
They are known in Japan as Doubutsu Doonatsu which literally means Animal Doughnuts. Aren't they just too cute to eat? They are priced slightly higher than normal doughnuts as each doughnut requires a lot of icing and a lot of time to draw their faces. This 1/6 scale version is no bigger than a penny!

So far I have created 13 new and unique designs. As usual, you can choose a design here or a custom design of your choice.

'Yellow cat'
'Cow' with a gold ring on his nose and black spots
'Seal' in grey
'Cat' design with patched ear. Each cat has a paw design on the body as well
'Chocolate cat'
'Dark chocolate' cat
Animal Doughnut parade! Each fluffy doughnut is coated with a thick layer of sugar icing and individually decorated. The face is the toughest part to draw.
Akiko loves our new doughnut collection especially the cow

Each animal doughnut is carefully designed with extremely fine and cute details
Our next new item is a cupcake variant now available in the Cupcakes menu. It is made from 6 layers of creamy rainbow frosting and topped with a cherry.
'Rainbow Cherry' cupcake
Another new item is a variant of our popular French macarons. These are heart shaped and slightly bigger than a standard macaron and filled with whipped cream. Now available in the French Pastries menu.

The final new arrival in the shop is a 1/3 scale Bubble tea. Bubble tea is a popular milk tea drink with 'pearls' from Taiwan. Our Littlest Sweet Shop variant includes whipped cream to make it even more rich and lush! 

Littlest Sweet Shop's Strawberry bubble tea
Each bubble tea starts with a base of milky flavoured tea (which you can have in any colour/flavour) with lots of gooey pearls (the black bits that sit on the bottom)
My facebook fans were given a preview of the new Doubutsu Doonatsu a week ago and many Littlest Sweet Shoppers were already interested in commissioning them! I made 2 of these into earrings for a special commission.

Custom design made into earrings for a Littlest Sweet Shopper/friend
In other news - MY FIRST BOOK CREDIT!

I made non-food (and some food) miniatures for this book that is available in all major bookstores. You can find it here on Amazon. 
The book shows you how to make 50 polymer clay charms which are no bigger than 2cm tall which you can use for almost anything! I made a few charm variants with explanations on how to make them. Here are a few screenshots of the charms I made for the book and my credit that you will find on the last page. 

Ok. That's all for today. Make sure you visit Littlest Sweet Shop for all your doll's sweets and treats. Dolly tea parties will never be the same again!


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