Thursday 12 June 2014

New updates!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers <3

We feel so lucky to finally have some sunshine! I'm so glad that summer is finally here ^_^

The weather is so gorgeous that we could not resist opening an ice cream stand in the park (my backyard basically).

If you have been following me on flickr, you might have noticed my recent Azone clothes haul. From that pile of shopping, I co-ordinated the girls casual clothes. It was supposed to match their personality and everyday I see them coming more and more to life!

Every single ice cream variety you can imagine! Ice cream cake, pop sickles, ice cream sandwiches, sundaes
Maya sells an ice cream cone to Naru

Friends enjoying ice cream in the park
Akiko strikes a pose with her double scoop ice cream cone
Maya wears a blue sundress with lace stockings and pink Mary- janes. She also wears baby blue ribbons on her twin-tails.

Naru is wearing a more preppy outfit with knee-high socks. She wears comfy boots so she's prepared for any kind of adventure!

Akiko is dressed in a more sophisticated but feminine dress. She matches the dress with a pair of black shoes and adds cuteness with lacy socks. Her twin tails are tied with maroon ribbons.

Here are some new updates on some of your favourite sweeties.

Toffee apples with a new improved recipe with glossier toffee candy! You can also sprinkle that with pastel sprinkles, caramel sprinkles or even chocolate chunks. Get it now in the Sweets Boutique menu
New improved recipe: Can you see how sticky and sickly sweet the coating looks like? :D
Meringue cookies come in lemon, strawberry and chocolate (not pictured) flavours. Available in the Bakery menu. Also available in standard (white) flavour
Chocolate doughnut with caramel sprinkles & butterscotch doughnut with nuts. Available in the Bakery menu
If you think a plain candy bar is too boring? Mix up two flavours and get these marble-effect candy bars from the Sweets Boutique menu.
OK, that's all for now :D

Remember the name Littlest Sweet Shop when you suddenly crave for ice cream in this heat! You can help your dolls cool down on a day like this with some yummy colourful ice cream ;)


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