Saturday 26 October 2013

New in - Fast food 2.0

but don't worry - no animals were used in the making of these tasty miniatures. 

Check out all of these items now in the Brunch menu

Hot dogs, chicken goujons, chicken sandwich, burgers, fries and onion rings
Improved burgers
Chicken burger and fries
Chicken goujons / nuggets with meticulous breading detail!
Onion rings are also available now as a side
Since Puppen Haus is still an ongoing project, I spent a big chunk of my week making this sofa for the living room. I used Tilda fabric, cereal boxes (cardboard), quilt batting, foam board and a lot of glue. Some sewing and interlacing was needed for the skirting and cushion. 

It doesn't just look comfy. It's a very soft and snug sofa thanks to the thick quilt batting
Close-up of cushions. Duck egg spotty cushions made with Tilda material. Embroidered cushion from a miniaturist in Germany and heart pillow from IKEA Huset set.
Side profile. I had to sew the pleats for the skirting
I made everything here :) 
A side of the living room. Rocking chair and coffee table is vintage Sindy. I re-upholstered the chair cushion with Tilda fabric
Sadie loves her new comfy sofa! She can't decide to sit on the bay window seat or sink into this sofa
The living room was designed with comfort in mind. Breakfront cabinet is vintage Sindy
Peeking into the living room from the window
Puppen Haus is almost furnished! Just need to make a bed and it's all ready for Sadie to move in :)
She's still in her ballerina costume to motivate me to practice ballet more often. Maybe I'll take her to my ballet class :D
This is just a little extra information that I should have included in my last blog post about the making of the Playscale Townhouse. I got this book all the way from America and it has all the drawings of each part and a guide to decorating the interior. I highly recommend it especially if you are building this house from scratch (not from the kit). It was also very useful to have all the parts drawings since I had to replace quite a few things since the kit was 40% damaged.

OK, that's all for this week. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and have a Happy Halloween!


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