Thursday 17 October 2013

New arrivals, new updates and NEW recipes!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We are now back in the Littlest Sweet Shop diorama for some new arrivals, new updates and macarons in a new recipe!

Did you miss the diorama? I tried to make it look ready for Halloween

So our first new arrival is COTTON CANDY! Now available in the Sweets Boutique menu

I've updated these items with some new variants / choices and recipes.  
Mini cheesecake in new fruity flavours. Find it in the Cakes menu
Marshmallow (soft pastel rainbow mix) ice cream flavour in the Ice Cream menu
Powder pastel macarons in a new recipe. Lighter meringue-like shells just like the real thing! New in the French Pastries menu
Chocolate bundt cake with powder pink icing and light mint rose
Since I'm just a housewife I don't have a lot of cash to actually buy new miniatures and I realise a doll house needs a lot of little things to make it a home. I organised a swap with some other talented miniaturists and these are what I made for the swap. They are all to fit 1:12 scale so it's also nice chance to showcase my skills in doing 1:12 scale miniatures. 

A 1:12 scale cabinet with 1:12 items and a Euro 20 cent coin
These macarons are only 3mm in diameter!
Size comparison with the different scales. L - R 1:3, 1:6 and 1:12
1:12 scale ice cream cone with mint scoop, chocolate syrup and a cherry
Ice cream cone in 3 different sizes. 1:3, 1:6 and 1:12
I'm also including this gold doily with the 5 miniature macarons. She wanted them in soft pastels for her 4 inch bears.
If you are also a miniaturist who has something (a non-food item) for the Playscale Dollhouse (Puppen Haus), I am still available for a swap. Please contact me directly if you are interested and we can barter miniatures of the same value.

Okay, that's about all the updates you get for this week. Stay tuned to next week when I bring in new arrivals for the Brunch menu.

Bye bye!

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