Monday 23 September 2013

Real Good Toys Playscale 1/6 Victorian Townhouse Doll House

Finally, the wait is over!

Here it is -

Puppen Haus. Painted in custom lilac and custom rose pink Satinwood paint from Dulux. I also used Dulux Satinwood white paint for all ceilings, door, windows, railing and the steps.
Side view. Lights are all from Dolls House Emporium. I used the socket strip method in wiring the lights. The house is built using cabinet grade plywood unlike traditional dolls houses that uses MDF wood. This makes the doll house heavy but very strong and sturdy.
I am still doing the interior decorations so currently it is a huge lamp in my room
Satinwood is the perfect paint since it has a semi-gloss sheen. I applied 2 coats of paint on every surface. Some stripwood had to be custom cut to fit.
The foundation is covered in pavement paper from Dolls House Emporium. 
It comes with 5 rooms, tower room (attic), a storage drawer (basement) a sundeck and a balcony. It was all hand built and the wooden components were hand-crafted. It is called an 'heirloom' doll house because the quality will make it last for generations.
Every shingle on the roof was hand-painted individually to achieve this lovely effect. I mixed wood stains and tinted varnish from Ronseal. The colour was light and dark oak. This also strengthened the shingles and made them waterproof
Took me more than 100 hours to plan, build, sand, paint, sand, glue, paint, sand, etc. etc. Initially I thought that I was going to finish it within a few weeks. In the end it took me 7 weeks!
The very bottom side of the house was given 2 layers of varnish. I was paranoid that if the floor every got wet (which is impossible since my room is on the 2nd floor. It would have to be a tsunami), at least the bottom of the house is waterproof
So there it is! I hope you can now look forward to seeing what it looks like inside. I still have some furniture to make, mouldings to custom fit and I also need to find suitable decorations. I think the dining room/kitchen area will debut in just a few more weeks! This will be an ongoing project for at least a few more months.

I'm so glad that I can now clean my room from dust and finally get some polymer clay out.

Time to make more miniatures!