Wednesday 18 September 2013

New York Bagels & coffee + Puppen Haus sneak peak

Hello hello!

So sorry about being MIA for almost a month now. The Puppen Haus project has made it almost impossible to do anything in my room anymore. The Littlest Sweet Shop diorama and everything else is covered in sawdust and dust that comes off from sanding in between paints, making grooves in plywood. It's been such a nightmare and I'm still waiting for 'wallpaper' to arrive all the way from Sweden before I can finish up the house and hopefully let you see how it looks very soon. Since I need to put wallpaper AND paint the walls, there will be more sanding in between the paint job and OH WILL IT EVER END!?

I took advantage of a recent 'clay-day' that I attended with my guild and made some New York bagels and bread. Here it is in the Littlest Sweet Shop:

The scene is completed with my new set of Re-ment miniatures including the coffee pot, cream cheese, packet of Parma ham and a packet of small bagels. The silver butter dish is a 70s vintage Sindy item. I bought a lot of vintage Sindy furniture for the Puppen Haus since I believe that all toys should have a second lease in life. Check out the bagels up-close in the Bakery menu.

My buttered popcorn is finally listed with a price in the Sweets Boutique menu. It comes in this cute stripey box and will be filled with hand-made popcorn pieces. Popcorn is almost over-flowing in this hand-made box.

My French breads now come in a new and improved recipe! I hope I made it look even more real than before. It's an ongoing challenge for me to keep improving my models to look realistic enough to eat. Find it in the French Pastries menu.

Here's a little sneak peak into the dining area of Puppen Haus.
Sadie carrying a basket of new recipe baguette and Pain d'Epi in a sneak peak of Puppen Haus
As you can see, the walls still needs doing and I can't install the doors and window until I've completed the wallpapering/painting of the walls. I'm quite happy with the hardwood flooring that I painted in redwood coloured stain. The dining table is another vintage Sindy from the 80s and as you can see - I've managed to wire the house and installed all the lights! That's just a little sneak peak so I hope you are eager to see the end product!

I hope my 'wallpaper' arrives soon since I will be able wrap this up hopefully by this weekend. 

'Til then, have a happy week :)

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