Sunday 18 August 2013

Popcorn movie time!

Happy Sunday!

There are a few things to share with you today. Let's start with a new menu item - BUTTERED POPCORN! It is listed in the Sweets Boutique menu however there is no set price/minimum order. I managed to make a whole big bowl (1:6 scale sized that is) of buttered popcorn which took forever so I will be packaging them into smaller boxes with a better pricing structure.

Buttered popcorn in a big glass bowl. Perfect for movie night!
Each popcorn was hand-shaped and hand-painted individually for realism
Mixtures of hundreds of unique popcorn miniatures
It's obvious that the Puppen Haus is still a work in progress (I have to admit, I haven't even started!). Sadie has no choice but to live in the Littlest Sweet Shop diorama while waiting but I gave her some new IKEA furniture. This set is called HUSET and it is basically miniaturised IKEA products to fit 1:8 scale. Sadie seems to fit quite comfortably with this set but it's more of a temporary set-up before I build wooden furniture for the Puppen Haus.

Sadie is featured in the spoof IKEA catalogue
If you are commissioning anything from the Littlest Sweet Shop, and it happens to be a gift for someone else - make sure you get it gift wrap for only £1. Our gift box is a cute miniature panettone box that should fit most miniatures (1/3 and 1/6 scales).
Complete with ribbon
Enough space for a lot of 1/6 scale miniatures
Big enough to fit a few 1/3 scale pieces snugly
Doll haberdashery. I'm currently obsessed about sewing dresses for Sadie that I actually made miniature buttons because I can't seem to find any button smaller than 6mm in the market.
Miniature buttons, 4mm, perfect for doll dress-making.
Managed to make a big box of buttons - some of which are going to be auctioned off on eBay!
Lastly, the new dress I made for Sadie. At first, I thought this dress was easy to make, but I ended up spending 3 days doing it! I'm just glad it is completed because the whole ensemble (including the teal ribbon from Hobbycraft) matches her special custom eyes.

Fabric is from Tilda's 'Country Escape' collection.
So that's all for now! I hope you enjoy your long bank holiday weekend. I will be making more minis as usual :)


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