Sunday 4 August 2013

Not suitable for Vegans

Hello again!

I hope you had a nice weekend. I had to work all weekend since I'm off on a little holiday from Monday to Friday next week. If I don't do any crafts for just a few days, I can't feel calm and these voices in my head (ideas?) keep telling me to just make something.

Before going on my holiday, I managed to sew a new dress for Sadie, finished up another 1:12 scale commission, sorted my new Puppen Haus parts and now I'm updating this blog when I'm actually supposed to be packing! I'm quite knackered today so this is a short one with pictures.

New in - Burgers, French fries AND hotdogs in the Brunch menu

Sadie loves premium fast-food done right
Gourmet burger
Trio of hotdogs
It's actually fun making savoury food for a change. These are actually my first attempt and I'm really happy how they turned out! The buns are made from the special light polymer clay which gives it a more realistic feel and texture.

New in - new selection for Pick'n mix and new fruit lollipops in the Sweets Boutique menu
Fruit lollipops in all fruity flavours. Made from resin (UK brand)
Fluffy white marshmallow (goes well with a mug of hot-chocolate) and strawberry meringues
A little about the dress I made for Sadie:

The perfect vintage summer dress for Blythe dolls!

Sadie is wearing a dress that was handmade using Laura Ashley 'Strawberry' vintage fabric from 1980. I even made her the red sandals and rainbow brooch. It's a simple dress but she is looking sooooo much more sophisticated! I'm definitely getting into sewing now and Sadie can expect more new outfits! The new Puppen Haus will have a big built-in wardrobe for her so I will really need to make more soon.

OK, now to start packing for tomorrow. If you have any commission request, please use the order form or email me. I will still have access to my emails and I will definitely have time on Saturday onwards to start work on a new commission.

Signing off now - bye!

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