Tuesday 9 July 2013

Littlest Sweet Shop diorama v2.0 and some new arrivals!


If you are on my Facebook page then you would notice that I've been mentioning work on a second diorama. Yes that's right, I built a new one (almost from scratch) to fit Sadie Sprinkle.

The blog header has been changed to the new diorama and here are some pictures from the new Littlest Sweet Shop. It is basically the same design but with additional shelves, a higher wall, bigger shop window and painted with a Laura Ashley colour called 'Pale Parisian Blue'. I still love the old shop colour which is Laura Ashley's 'Duck Egg Blue' but I didn't have much left.

The photos can look a bit dodgy because I did it indoors. The new diorama has a heavy wooden base so it's hard to carry outside. I also think Sadie is more photogenic outdoors!
 I made this cafe table and everything on it (except for the plate, fork and salt'n pepper shakers)
Things are more or less in the same place it's always been. Some have been shifted around.
Additional shelves are great to stash all the boxes I made.

Sadie is just happy that she does not look like a giant anymore! This diorama is custom made for her height
New bigger bar table and a bigger window. Ignore the oil painting. It's literally been more than 20 years since I attempted to paint any picture.

Sadie enjoys an apple pie at the bar table.
That's not all folks! I've also listed a few new arrivals throughout (almost) the entire menu range! Make sure you check it out. Here is just some of it:

New in! Pastel macarons

New chocolate-loaded cupcakes!
More of that lovely rainbow ice cream scoops.
That's not all so you will have to click through the menu to find out more new treats.

Thanks for viewing. Bye!


  1. Everything look so delicious, yummy! I am under impression that you made yourself the golden teapot which look like a real porcelain miniature!

  2. Thank you :)

    The teapot is actually made using peach colour polymer clay but finished with a gold powder glaze. I was quite impressed with the finishing too!