Sunday 30 June 2013

1/3 scale collection

Hey hey!

Yes, I did not forget my promise to launch Littlest Sweet Shop's 1/3rd scale (BJD and SD sizes) collection this weekend. I know it's almost 8PM (UK time) and it seems like the hottest day of the year is also my longest!

I've been working on this project non-stop this week and I'm glad to reveal the completed models. I will be making more 1/3 scaled models to add to this collection in the future but here are the available items for now.
1/3 scale models - perfect for SD and BJD dolls

Everything here is captured in natural daylight (or the sunset in my room) with no editing as usual. I will be adding a 1/3 scale menu/category into the blog soon with more details on each item. The reason why the 1/3 scale items will have it's own menu is because it is made differently than the 1/6 and 1/12 scaled items. Unlike 1/6 and 1/12 scaled models, 1/3 scaled models are made using air dried clay and polymer clay. Because of this, the models looks different as it doubles in scale (1/3 scaled models are twice the size of 1/6 scaled models)

Marshmallow flumps, Strawberry Jelly with whipped cream, Candy cane, Lollipops

Pocky sticks in various flavours,

Chocolate-chip and nut cookies, rainbow cookies, Iced sugar cookies, Gingerbread men,

Pancake, Crêpe

Petits Fours/Tea cakes

Doughnuts, Fruit tart, Berry Tart, Strawberry jam tart, Cupcakes, Pretzels

French Pastries:
St. Honoré, Religieuse, Croissants, macarons, Éclair

Popsickles, Ice cream cone, Mr Softee, Parfait, Jello-Ice-Cream, Chocolate dipped cones

So there you have it! These models will be listed in the menu in the upcoming weeks. I hope the images will put a smile on your face and it was certainly more fun to make!

Thanks for visiting - bye!
One last group shot!

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