Sunday 3 March 2013

Miniature Gumball Machine

New additions to my diorama - a cute gumball machine, flower pots AND shabby chic upholstery for the bar chairs.

I had always wanted to model a miniature gumball machine since last Christmas. The inspiration struck when I received a Jelly Belly dispenser machine as a gift from my husband.

The colour of the bar chairs had to be altered since the original bright Barbie pink did not suit the shabby chic theme of my diorama. I had some leftover pink gingham material and decided to use it to reupholster the chairs. The process wasn't hard and the chairs went through a smooth make over!

The flower pots are all made by me. The pots are painted using Laura Ashley paints and the flower and leaves are handmade using polymer clay. I don't use molds to make flowers as I believe that each flower should be unique (more realistic?).

The diorama will always be a work in progress so I hope you enjoy these incoming updates!

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