Wednesday 20 March 2013

Hello Jello!!

I recently managed to get my hands on a new material for model making - and now I can make delectable looking jellies!

They look amazing and so real however it could melt when it is in contact with direct heat, therefore they are only available to be commissioned by UK clients only (Sorry!). The material is made in England and the jelly models should be placed in a covered display as they are wobbly (and a bit sticky) like real gelatine. It's a small price to pay because just look at them:

For more details on each item please see the new menu item 'Jelly / Gelatine'. 
Chocolate mousse
Strawberry mousse
Lime, strawberry and cream jelly
Purin (from Japan)
Ultimate gelatine - triple layer with fruit slices inside and strawberry slice trimming
Vanilla jelly with rainbow candy inside

Mini mousse/dessert
I had a little accident whilst shooting these photos. The weather has been so bad and I feel like I haven't seen the sun for months now. It's spring today yet snow is still falling. The sky is grey all day and I had to resort to using 2 light sources in order to take photographs (yes, I am blaming it on the bleak weather). I had one lamp balancing on my ottoman and with a huge thud it fell onto my diorama!!

My heart was racing so fast because I knew that I would cry so hard if my miniatures got damaged. It happened after I took the pictures above. The only casualty:

Broke the plate that held my 'Ultimate Gelatin'
The 'Ultimate Gelatine' got hit by the lamp and the plate broke and a few strawberry pieces came loose. Miraculously the 'Ultimate Gelatine' is fine and needs some TLC (just need to put the strawberry slices back) and a new platter. I always handle my miniatures with caution but it seems that these gelatine models are tougher than their real edible cousins. After shaking my fist at the lamp, I did have to spend another hour to  re-arrange everything back to it's original state. I have serious OCD since if I don't put them back together again I can't stop thinking about it. It would make it hard for me to meditate in yoga class tonight!

The aftermath

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