Monday 4 February 2013

New items, improved photography

I have to admit - most of the pictures on this blog are taken using my iPad and not even edited at all. It's been that way to save time. Between modelling and managing household work (I'm a housewife), I don't have much time to invest in any marketing for my modeling work. I realise that if I wanted to sell my models the photos need to be good and clear. After all, people are buying my artwork based on how good they are. To look good, all of my models need to have all of the intricate details documented in a picture.

I don't own an SLR nor do I have a degree (or even training) in photography so I've done my best to capture my most recent work. Hope you like it!

As usual, if you have any interest in any of these items, please send me a query using the order form on the left.

Apple pie (you can see the cinnamon in the filling!)

Charlotte cake with chocolate and raspberries


A bouquet of lollipops

Various macarons

Easter bread


Vanilla soft serve (I made the stands as well)

Strawberry soft serve

Various cupcakes

Slice of apple pie with whipped cream and cinnamon

Candy and toffee apples

Hot crossed buns

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