Thursday 12 March 2020

Commission update: 1:12 scale Subway style sandwiches

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

You might notice that the blog website address has changed back to Blogspot which means the website has been refreshed and updated!

Please visit to check it out. The website still needs a lot of updating but I will get there eventually! For now you can still refer to the menu on the blog to see almost every Littlest Sweet Shop miniature which is available for commission. The only change for now is that the blog menus won't be updated with new miniatures and eventually be deleted once they have been updated on the new website.

Here is another commission I made for a returning client. She always asks for 1:12 scale items and this time it is for a scaled down version of Subway meals. I'm so happy to report that she loves them and said the sandwiches looked so real!
There were several new techniques used just to make this set of miniatures including 3D resin printing, vacuum forming and printing on tissue. It may not look like a lot but this took me a few weeks to make!
1:12 scale client commission
2 submarine style sandwiches (tuna mayo and turkey ham), 1 cookie with paper bag, Sprite in a cup with straw, spilled Sprite
Spilled Sprite. The spill is loose so you can put it anywhere
Comes with tissue paper you can use to wrap the sandwich for take-away
Spilled Sprite with glass crystals, resin printed straw and vacuum formed lid. Cup is real cardboard
2 sandwiches with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and mayo
Other than that, she also ordered a scaled down version of our 1:6 scale best-sellers. I also made extras which you can find in my Etsy store.
Tubs of ice-cream including a new flavour (per client's request)
1:12 scale candies
1:12 scale orange soda
Kokomi-chan with some after school snacks

Currently I'm not taking any commissions and trying to stock up the Etsy store and maybe a new tutorial video for the YouTube channel. I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic and I will be at home (as always) making more miniatures.


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