Wednesday 31 July 2019

New in! Twinkies and Haagen Dazs ice cream

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Just a quick update before August arrives. I have to admit I haven't done much this month because I was entertaining guests for 2 weeks. However I managed to make some Twinkies and new ice cream tub design and they are all now listed in our Etsy store. 

I'm collecting the Zuru Mini Brands and really love the Twinkies box so I decided to make the Twinkies to fill up those boxes! For non-Americans, Twinkies is a soft sponge cake injected with cream filling. This makes it a tasty snack and I also made some packaged in clear plastic just like the original. The packaged Twinkies are great for picnics and lunch-boxes and now available to commission from the Groceries menu.
Packaged Twinkies
Light sponge cakes with a creamy filling
Light sponge with a creamy and light centre
Perfectly made to scale to 1:6 scale dolls and the Zuru Mini Brands box
I had a client requesting the ice cream tub inspired by Haagen Dazs in 1:12 scale. I made some extra ones in 1:6 scale to sell on Etsy. They also come with ice cream pre-packaged inside with swirls of dulce de leche. The print came out better than I expected in this tiny scale.
Littlest Sweet Shop's handmade ice cream tubs in 1:6 scale
1:6 scale and 1:12 scale ice cream tub size comparison. The smaller scaled ice cream makes a good mini ice cream cup in 1:6 scale.
1:6 scale features realistic ice cream inside
Kokomi-chan with 1:12 scale tub of ice cream
Dulce de leche ice cream in 1:12 scale as per client's request
1:12 scale ice cream tub
OK that's all for now. Wish I could say there are more upcoming items but unfortunately I'm busy house-sitting next week and will only return in mid-August. I will be uploading a new video when I'm away but I'm keeping the Etsy store open so you should still be able to buy your dolls a tasty treat!


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