Saturday 5 May 2018

Commission update: Rainbow-themed miniatures

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

This is the most recent commission that was shipped to sunny Hawaii. The order is quite big and will be used for a children's book so I will definitely buy a few copies for my nieces and nephews. I am quite excited to see the final photos in the book because I am sure it will be so colourful and cute.
Client commission with plates and dishes made by Littlest Sweet Shop (pink Blossom colour)
The order consists of various cakes, gingerbread house, cookies, snacks, candy - all in rainbow colours! This is the first Gingerbread House commission and it is made with bespoke rainbow tiles and bright rainbow pole candy throughout. It also had a special rainbow candy 'stained glass' window on the back. The gingerbread house also comes with matching gingerbread man and candy canes. Other details include a pink wafer door and traditional hand-painted decoration icing.
All candy including the red and white peppermint swirl is handmade
Bright rainbow candy canes stuffed into the chimney
Stained glass candy windows. Matching pole candy accents
Rainbow roof candy tiles in 6 colours. Realistic silicone icing.
Rainbow Gingerbread House by Littlest Sweet Shop
All of the other items are various sweet treats with colourful rainbow colours.
Rainbow ice-box cookies
Rainbow chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate coated pretzels with rainbow candy
Deco-cake rolls in 'Sky' and rainbow stripes design
There is even a carousel cake with rainbow candy poles and iced-sugar horse carousel cookies. The cake even comes with a slice of rainbow cake that was cut out! It's one of our best-selling large novelty cakes.
Rainbow carousel candy cake.
Stained glass cookies in 7 different candy colours and 30 pieces of tiny heart candy in various colours
Rainbow pound cake with rainbow sprinkles with 2 slices
Rainbow cupcakes. Rainbow pound cake with rainbow sprinkles on white icing glaze. Cupcakes are made in old sculpt
That's all for now! I'm currently on holiday so hope to come up with some new photos by end of this month.


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