Monday 26 February 2018

New arrivals for February - Frozen yogurt, Stained-glass cookies, Jawbreakers and more!

Dear Littlest Sweet Shoppers

Sorry for the delay for this month's new arrival. I have 3 commissions running at the same time right now since the launch of the Fast Food range so I am glad that my new and old clients love them enough to order some for their dolls.

Here is a quick update on what is new for February 2018 in our shop. They can now all be commissioned and custom made to your liking. Since February is our coldest and greyest month yet, there are no 'group' photos for all of the new items. I'm hoping spring will come soon so we can do the group photos again. 

Our first new item is an updated version of our candy suckers (tootsie roll). They are now individually wrapped in plastic like a real one. Even better, we also offer the plastic jar and display top for the lollipops so you can display it on a counter. We have developed the plastic jar using vacuum forming technique but we can also make it in glass so you have more clarity to view the items inside the jar. The lid has been 3D modelled and printed to look just like a real Chupa Chups display. 
This lollipop display jar is perfect for any miniature sweet shop. Jar and lid made by Littlest Sweet Shop
Choose from 6 different colours/flavours
Another new candy is the famous Jawbreaker! They are a large ball of candy with random paint splatter design all over. This candy will keep your dolls occupied for hours since it will take forever for them to reach the middle (actual miniature not edible). Since this is a larger type of candy, order a few and have them packaged individually so you can also display it in your miniature sweet shop!
Littlest Sweet Shop Jawbreakers
Jawbreakers individually packaged for display.
Order a few display items to create your perfect miniature sweet shop!
We are now serving Frozen Yogurt in cute paper containers with 10 different toppings to choose from! Yogurt flavours include original (white), strawberry and chocolate - just select which yogurt you want with the topping of your choice. 
Littlest Sweet Shop frozen yogurt. Frozen Yogurt also in Japanese on one side of the cup (katakana)
Here are all of the 10 different toppings that you can get:
Chocolate yogurt with Oreo cookie crumbs
Chocolate yogurt with pink meringue
Strawberry yogurt with 100s and 1000s
Strawberry yogurt with sliced strawberries and blueberries
Chocolate yogurt with bananas and caramel
Frozen yogurt with rainbow belt candy
Black Forest yogurt - cherries, blueberry sauce and grated dark chocolate
Frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce and chopped nuts
Frozen yogurt with gummy bears
Frozen yogurt with our own Fruity Loops cereal pieces
We have a new gelatin mold which is more mid-sized so we made jellies in so many new colours!
In the middle we have our larger creation in rainbow colours. These samples were made from a gelatin simulator so it wobbles and looks like real jelly! Unfortunately this is only available to UK and European clients. 
Medium sized and large gelatin
Our gelatin looks super real thanks to a gelatin simulator that we use
Each jelly looks wobbly and wet, just like a real one! All pink plates are made by Littlest Sweet Shop
Pecan Pie has now been added to our selection of pies. They are great for Thanksgiving dinners or Christmas dinners. 
Littlest Sweet Shop's pecan pie. Topped with roasted pecans
These stained-glass cookies come in heart or flower shape for now but you can choose any colour for the candy centre. The 'stained glass' part is extremely translucent like real candy.
Stained-glass cookies in heart or flower shape
Last but not least, we are now selling the bowls that we made for our home ice cream sundaes. They are made from resin and come in very sweet pastel colours. I will try to add more and more new items to our dishware range so you will have a large selection to choose from.
Miniature ice cream sundae bowls come in pretty pastels
That's it for now. Join us again next month for more new items including some 1:3 scale creations and the new ice cream cone sculpt for 2018. I am also currently working on making cupcakes in 1:12 scale since it is one item that has been in huge demand from some clients. I am way too busy to update the YouTube channel right now but don't forget to follow me on social media to see all of the updates streamed to you live.


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