Monday 14 August 2017

Blippo Fukubukuro Review and Giveaway


Hello Kawaii Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

In Japan during the New Year, shops often have a promotion selling exclusive fukubukuro (lucky bags) in store. It is usually a set of random items which has been discounted and only available in a limited supply. is my favourite Kawaii shop where I can get all of my favourite Japanese and Korean products. They also have a fukubukuro offer but it is better since it is available all year long, not just during New Year's day. This Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag cost less than $15 and includes at least 15 random kawaii items like plushies, stationery and more! The items retail for more than $45USD and it is a surprise since you don't know what you will get.
Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag
Blippo was nice enough to send me a Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag and there were so many cute items inside the drawstring bag that it was practically bursting! I have to admit it is very exciting to see what is inside since you have no clue. The drawstring bag is also nice since it is in a 'candy' design which is SO Littlest Sweet Shop. The fan was so useful when I was out in London especially in the tube during summer. There isn't any air-conditioning in the London Underground so I was so happy to have a folding fan that was super light and compact. It cooled me down instantly plus it had such a kawaii design which I really love.

The surprise package came with not 1 but 3 different cute pouches! The watermelon purse is so summery and the Pikachu pouch is super kawaii. Girls can never have too many purses!
Purses and little pouches
There was a luggage tag with 3 macarons on it so I won't loose my luggage. It is bright yellow so I will definitely be able to spot it from afar.
Macaron luggage tag
This cute neko plushie was a sweet surprise and will be keeping all of my other plushies company.
Neko plushie
Kawaii items can also be practical. This strawberry candy bar compact comb also has a little mirror folded into it. I love sweet-themed items so this is my new favourite comb. It is also in my favourite colour!
Strawberry candy bar comb and mirror compact
One thing I always love about doing Blippo reviews is that I often get items for arts and crafts. I love making cute things and these pearl stickers will definitely come in handy one day.
Pearl stickers for arts and crafts
The last item that I am reviewing is also my FAVOURITE item in the bag! It is a Hello Kitty spectacles frame and it somehow instantly makes me feel so kawaii when I wear it! I love it so much that I actually got prescription lens for it so that I can use them everyday (even if I rarely wear glasses :p).
Hello Kitty spectacles frame
Obviously there are more really cute and practical items included that I couldn't possible review since there are just too many but I hope you like my review of selected items that I love most. That's not all, you also get a chance to win your own Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag by entering the competition below. Blippo ships worldwide so anyone with a valid home address is eligible to enter.

Good luck everyone!  

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