Tuesday 31 January 2017

Commission update and Castle Museum charms

Hello again Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here is a short update regarding our recent work and commissions. 
A Littlest Sweet Shopper in America placed this order of sweets and gyoza for her dolls. I even made a huge Valentine's Day lollipop for her Blythe and Ruruko dolls are going to receive some sweet treats!
Commissioned items, gyozas and sweets. Includes bespoke lollipop for Blythe scale
There was also a custom commission for Castle Museum Norwich's gift shop. I designed 5 charms to represent the different exhibits in the museum. Each is unique and bespoke since they have all been handmade.
Castle Museum Norwich theme charm bracelet
Polar Bear charms
Wooden pain palette and brush charms
Norwich Castle charms
Scarab charms (to represent the mummy and Egyptian exhibit)
Blue Willow Suffolk teapots (from the teapot gallery)
That's all for now. If you are visiting Castle Museum in February, I hope you can check these charms out and support local businesses.

There will be so many new items for January so make sure you stick around. I have also been going 'LIVE' on Instagram so you can witness me spending hours making tiny miniature (fake)food. I usually go live when I'm doing something interesting but this week I have been sculpting popcorn and cereal so it's a bit boring for spectators. I will try to get back to it next week before we roll out all of the new miniatures.
See you soon, bye!

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