Monday 20 June 2016

New June arrivals!! Deco roll cakes, fruit popsickles and Rilakkuma pastries!

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!
We have tons of new arrivals in our shop today so let's get started immediately! 
June new arrivals
First we have some new fruit popsicles, or ice lollies (the term we use here in England) in the Ice Cream menu. It comes in all colours of the rainbow and we can even package it for you in clear plastic.
Our own fruit popsicles
Next we have something new called Deco roll cake. It is a Japanese cake which is basically decorated Swiss roll making them extra cute. Like all Swiss roll cakes, it is made from light and fluffy sponge cake with fresh cream. The only difference is that the cake itself is decorated in all sorts of patterns and decoration. We even offer custard, chocolate or strawberry milk filling.

You can even order your own design from our Cakes menu
Deco Roll Cakes. Small sized decorated Swiss Roll cake
Stripey deco rolls. L-R (Strawberry, pastel, Green tea)
'Sky' deco roll. 5 cute rainbows on each roll
'Rainbow' deco roll cake
'Giraffe' and 'Neon Leopard Print' deco roll cakes
Close up on our Pastel stripe deco roll. Light and fluffy sponge with a delicious light cream center.
A selection of Littlest Sweet Shop deco rolls
Order yours with custard or even chocolate filling. Also comes with fresh cream and milk strawberry filling
Our next new arrival can be found in the Bakery menu.

They are called Rilakkuma Tomodachi Pastries. It comes in 3 designs so you can order Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma or even Kiiroitori.

Each puff pastry has been generously frosted with milk chocolate for Rilakkuma, white chocolate for Korilakkuma and lemon custard for Kiiroitori.
 Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori pastries
Fluffy layered pastry up-close
Each pastry is suitable for a single serving. Choose your favourite character or get all 3 for all of your tomodachi (friends)
Another new item in the Bakery menu is Filled Danish Pastry Puffs. Each Danish pastry is filled with your choice of vanilla cream, chocolate custard or strawberry cream. Delicate, crisp, light and fluffy pastry cases filled with delicious sweet cream - YUMMY! Perfect for tea.
Filled Danish Pastry Puffs, perfect for tea time
Our last new item for today is Mermaid Seashell Candy which is part of our Pick'n Mix selection in the Sweets Boutique. Each piece is sparkly and comes in 4 different designs. Perfect type of sweets to have when you are on your summer holidays or when you are having a Mermaid theme party.
Mermaid Seashell Candy
Last but not least we have 2 updates in our menu. First we have a 3 layered Victorian Cake from the Cakes menu. This one has 3 layers of chocolate cake and pink frosting. We decorated the cake with a single pearl rose for simplicity. 
3 Layer Victorian Cake with chocolate sponge and pink frosting
The churros in our Brunch menu has also been given an update. They are smaller this time and comes in 2 shapes. Churros aren't complete without chocolate so you can even order yours already dipped in some lush chocolate. 
Churros from Littlest Sweet Shop
Long churro broken into 2 and dipped with chocolate on each end
That's all for now. We are in the process of developing new miniatures involving our own range of plastic packaging and containers! You do not want to miss that so make sure you follow us on any of the social media platforms and please leave a comment to encourage us to make more yummy things!


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