Wednesday 27 April 2016

Littlest Pâtisserie update with new Petite Madeleine

Bonjour Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We updated the Littlest Pâtisserie (French Pastries menu) with some new photos and also added a new item to the list - Petite Madeleine.
Littlest Pâtisserie 
Madeleine is a traditional French sponge cake. At Littlest Sweet Shop we offer Petite Madeleine which is a smaller version. It is very moist because of the butter and extremely fluffy. We even offer this in dark chocolate flavour or dipped in chocolate/strawberry.
Petite Madeleine
It's not easy getting the hundreds of layers into a Mille-feuille. Our classic Mille-feuille even has creamy custard filling.
No two raspberries on an Ispahan looks the same because we don't use a mould to model it! Extremely time consuming process to produce each elegant dessert.
Raspberry Ispahan
Did you know that Croquembouche is an alternative to wedding cakes? It is tall and elegant which makes it worthy to celebrate a joyous occasion. Traditionally it is made entirely from choux balls but we also offer a rainbow pastel macaron version which is so sweet and girly.
Macaron Croquembouche. Made from Littlest Sweet Shop macarons
French pastries are so simple yet beautiful. We offer a wide selection of French desserts for your dolls to have with their afternoon tea. Each one of them is a classic piece of miniature for you to own. You can use it in any type of scene (diorama) to add a touch of class.
St. Honoré, Religieuse and Ispahan
Mont Blanc
Profiterole. Ideal for sharing 
Choux buns with cream (vanille / chocolat)

Pain au chocolat & croissant
Italian mille-feuille. Chocolate and strawberry meringue centres.
Various Mille-feuille
Round Mille-feuille. Different flavours and topping
St. Honoré 'Queen and King'
Macarons. We make ours using the sweetest pastel colours
That's all for now. Before we say good-bye, we would like to announce that we will be at The Most Kawaii Event of The Year in London. This is happening next week so please click on the link to find out more information if you are interested in going. Maya and Naru will also be coming along and we will be selling new Littlest Sweet Shop accessories.


Made to perfectly fit playscale / fashion doll scale / 1/6 scale

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