Sunday 30 August 2015

New in! Sandwiches, Spaghetti, Rainbow Chequered Cake and more!

Hey hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We have some exciting new arrivals here and we hope you like it! There are plenty of new items featuring slices of our realistic white bread, handmade right here at Littlest Sweet Shop.

Our first new item are sandwiches that can be found in the Brunch menu. You can choose a standard sandwich or an open faced one instead. 

Littlest Sweet Shop sandwiches made with only the finest ingredients for the best miniature sandwiches around. 

Yuffie and Maya having brunch together. They are both having sandwiches.
Ham sandwich with lettuce,tomato and mayo
Open faced ham sandwich with lettuce, cheese, tomato and mayo
As usual, all of our food are made to scale
The ham in our sandwiches come from our own Deli menu. Buy a few pieces to complete your own sandwich preparation scene.

We also offer deli style sandwiches in the Deli menu. Deli Sandwiches are made using fresh ingredients from the Littlest Sweet Shop charcuterie and cheese counter and assembled in a white crusty demi baguette.  

Each deli sandwich is loaded with yummy ingredients
Salami, cheese, lettuce, mayo, olives and chopped pepper
Ham and cheese, peppers, lettuce, mayo, tomatoes
Beef steak melt. Strips of deli beef roast with grilled cheese, tomatoes and lettuce
BLT Bacon Lettuce Tomatoes, cheese and mayo

We also offer our delicious bread with a variety of yummy spreads. Just choose which spread you would like on your bread in the Breakfast menu

Maya is spreading some honey onto a slice of our own bread. That's a sweet treat for brekkie.

Fresh bread from our own bakery layered with a selection of spreads. Choose from honey, grape jelly, strawberry jam, peanut butter or chocolate

If sweet spreads isn't your thing, we also have a super savoury favourite - the GRILLED CHEESE sandwich! This whole slice is grilled to perfection with cheddar. 
Grilled cheese sandwich
Our new cake for this month is the chequered cake. Our version is made using more muted colours so it looks like a traditional quilt. The sparkly pink icing is made in a swirly pattern

Swirly pink icing
Kuma (bear) Bread is made for kids! These cute buns are decorated with chocolate icing and chocolate candy (for the eyes). A new type of bread in our Bakery menu

Another new item in the Bakery menu are more iced sugar cookies in new (Sweet Treats) design.

Candy, cherry, ice cream cone, strawberry, ice cream sundae, popsickle, cupcake, coffee
Candy, ice cream cone, toast, popsickle, ice cream sundae, watermelon, apple, cupcake, grapes
Our last new arrival debuts in the Pizzeria menu! We finally have spaghetti to offer and you can choose to have it with meatballs or just a standard bolognese. Each one has also been garnished with shaved parmesan cheese and bay leaf

5 meatballs in tomato ragù
Spaghetti with delicious meat ragù. 
That's all of our new items for August and I hope they looked appetising as well! Thank you for visiting the Littlest Sweet Shop and don't forget to follow Maya, Naru, Akiko and Yuffie on their new Instagram account. There will be a picture a day and you can follow their adventure in 1/6 scale.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend. Bye! 


  1. Yumm! Your sandwiches make my mouth water. Everything looks delicious! I just discovered you on Instagram--yay! I'm there too, with my dolls, @pdxjbear. xo Jennifer

    1. Hey Jennifer, thanks for dropping by. You are always welcomed here ^_^
      Found your dolly family on Instagram <3