Saturday 13 December 2014

New in: Christmas 2014 Collection

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Finally it's here! The new 2014 Christmas collection - including some upgrades on previous items. Find it all here in the Seasonal menu.

I have to apologise for the delay. I know it's too late to commission any of these but the ones here are currently in stock and will be sold on a first come first serve basis (while stocks last). If you are interested in purchasing them, please send me a direct message (my email address available on the FAQ). 

So our first new item for 2014 are these deluxe (upgraded) Gingerbread Houses. Why deluxe? I decided to make them bigger and better with more details! It just makes a very cute centrepiece for any Christmas party and the perfect decoration to make a home/diorama more festive. 

The size of the base is 5cm x 5cm and the height is around 5 cm tall. A good size to feed quite a number of dolls!

This Gingerbread house has a pink wafer door and rainbow roof shingles. Gingerbread men and candy canes not included with any Gingerbread houses
Chimney tips are swept with powdered sugar (and can be used to stash candy cane)
Hand-painted traditional design on the side of the houses. You can opt for 3 or 5 different coloured sweets for the roof shingles. The green glittered base is a yummy fondant which is also the house foundation 
The back of the houses have different designs. 2nd from the left is adorned with cute biscuits and 3rd from the left is decorated with pastel marshmallows
Some sugar cookies here have been re-done with a more traditional and realistic effect. These are timeless so you can use them every year! 

Snowmen cookies. Scarf and multicolour button detailing with coal eyes and mouth and carrot nose
Gingerbread men cookies. Couldn't decide to do eyes in white or black but you can choose whatever you prefer
Stoking cookie which can be personalised with the first letter of your doll's name. This makes super cool personalisation!
Christmas tree cookies in different styles
Some new and old sweets:

Winter green and red candy canes
Pink candy canes
Snowflake mints
Christmas tree candy cane
Xmas lollipops in winter green and red colours
Chocolate xmas pudding treats
Since Christmas is a big holiday, I thought I'd create bigger centrepieces. Here is a cute Christmas tree that can stand up in the middle of a banquet.

Last but not least, another big centrepiece in the form of chocolate! This whole sleigh has been handmade from chocolate and hand-painted with white chocolate. I will include at least 8 different presents in various colours that you can arrange on the sleigh. They are tiny cakes in the shape of presents! How Christmassy is that?

Little cakes in the form of presents included

Phew! That wraps it up for the 2014 Christmas collection. I actually plan to do more Christmas themed treats but I think they can wait for 2015 ;)

Come back next time to check out a Littlest Sweet Shop Christmas featuring Maya, Naru, Akiko and Yuffie. Enjoy the holidays :D

Bye for now ^_^

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