Wednesday 7 November 2012

A Sweet Inspiration

Most of my creations are imitations of real yummy food. I would buy an eclair and study every inch before I start recreating one in miniature form. I believe it's the best way of getting a realistic model of the real thing. I try my best to recreate the colours by customising my own to fit.

This practice has been great and I'm quite satisfied with my modelling so far. I'm also quite fond of Japanese food miniatures, especially from a brand called re-ment. I used to collect them but it's quite rare to find them here in the UK.

They are made in 1:6 (playscale) scale which is my favourite size for food miniatures. You can actually 'play' with these as they are not too tiny. Unlike polymer clay models that I make, these are all plastic and HAND-PAINTED! They come in brilliant packaging and sets to collect.

That's what I call, a sweet inspiration.

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